Battery Saving Tips for Your Smart Phone


If you own a smartphone, you probably know about the fast battery draining problem of this gadget. It can be frustrating when you are trying do something important in your smartphone and suddenly the battery is low. A smartphone comes with lots of feature on board, when you utilize all of those feature it is likely that your battery won’t last longer. However, there are some tips you can follow keep your phone charge level a little longer. A smartphone with a battery low notification is one of worst feeling ever, so here are some tips for you to save the battery:

Always Carry a Charger

This is one of the basic thing to do if you want to charge your phone anywhere. You have to accept the fact that the charge level of your smartphone won’t stay full as the time goes by. So you have to be prepared to charge it whenever you get a change. Going out without the charger is one of the common mistake we make every day. So when the battery level is low, we don’t know what to do. Carrying a charger is the smart thing to do.

Take Care of Your Battery

You can’t expect a longer battery life when you don’t take care of your precious battery. You have to pamper your battery to keep it working smoothly. Always keep the plug in port clean so the charging doesn’t cause any problem. Also make sure the device is not getting hotter than 80-degree temperature. An increasing temperature will cause damage to your battery. In that way it will not last longer. You can also carry a spare battery in case of emergency. Running too much background application can cause your device to get hotter and damaging the battery.

Think About a New Phone

When you are trying to use too many applications in a device which is not equipped with a great batter, you will face battery draining problem. You have to use a smartphone which has a greater battery capacity. There are plenty of new smart phone models which are equipped with powerful battery and you will get plenty of battery time with those devices. You have to upgrade your battery according to the capability of your phone. Otherwise you will face low battery problem often.

Turn of Wi-Fi

Your smartphone tends to upgrade all applications whenever it is connected to a Wi-Fi. Too much running applications in background will cause the battery to drain. Wi-Fi is one of the most common way of reducing your battery life. So use your Wi-Fi when it is necessary. There is no need to turn it on, if there is no wireless nearby. Even if you are in a Wi-Fi zone, turn off this feature if not absolutely necessary. You will see the difference after a while. Wi-Fi tends to drain your smart phone battery faster than any other application.

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